Project Financing

Private Activity Bonds

Kipling Jones & Co. is currently engaged in the financing for several projects which will utilize public issuer entities for private activity purposes. By utilizing our extensive relationships with investors and our software capabilities, we are able to structure new money needs in conjunction with:

  • Existing debt
  • Future obligations
  • Expenditure projections
  • Anticipated cash flow and revenue estimates

Having served as Financial Advisor to several conduit issuers, we are also cognizant of the unique responsibilities of issuers of private activity bonds. We are prepared to structure various funding alternatives and to outline the benefits and risks associated with each in order to identify an optimal financing plan. Our quantitative capabilities are used to present various financing alternatives to our clients, credit enhancement providers and rating analysts, as well as marketing information to potential investors. Our goal is to structure every financing in the most flexible manner possible for our clients while preserving the security of our clients’ underlying credit strength.

Mixed Use Development

Kipling Jones & Co. is currently engaged in the financing for several projects which have been designed to spur economic development by providing collaboratively planned facilities.

Typically, these “Mixed Use Developments” incorporate the following components:

  • Housing
    • Workforce development
    • Senior
    • Senior care
  • Educational
    • K-12 Educational Facilities
    • Higher Education Infrastructure
    • Student Housing
  • Hospitality
    • Hotels
    • Dining Establishments
  • Recreational Facilities
    • Sports Facilities
    • Entertainment Facilities
    • Parks and open space design

By utilizing both private and public sources of capital, Kipling Jones & Co. is able to provide developers with capital which is cost efficient while maintaining design and operating flexibility.