Kipling Jones & Co.’s Fixed Income Desk has been structured to facilitate the sale and trading of both tax-exempt and taxable fixed income securities. Our trading services include:

Underwriting of Fixed Income Securities:

  • Kipling Jones & Co. is actively engaged in the underwriting and origination of various types of debt instruments issued by municipalities and other public sector entities.
  • Our firm seeks to place new issue securities with “buy and hold” investors in order to enhance the value of debt offerings in the marketplace.

Trading of Fixed Income Securities in the Secondary Market:

  • Our Fixed Income Desk offers a high level of expertise in sales and trading of a variety of securities.
  • We enjoy long-term relationships with financial institutions, money managers, and corporate and public treasurers.
  • Kipling Jones & Co.’s principal products include:
    • Government and agency securities
    • Commercial paper and other money market instruments
    • Municipal securities