Financial Advisory Services

As Financial Advisor, Kipling Jones & Co. is dedicated to providing on-going support as we assist in developing and implementing certain financial, investment, and debt policies.

Kipling. Jones & Co. has considerable financial advisory expertise serving numerous issuers throughout the Southeast and Southwest. Whether debt is issued on a competitive or negotiated basis, Kipling Jones & Co. will:

1.  Examine the financial resources available to the project. The survey will include an analysis of the proposed debt structure as    compared to existing and projected sources of income available to cover debt service.

2.  Design a plan of financing which will be submitted in written form to the client. The plan of financing recommended will include proposed maturities and estimated interest rates.

3.   Submit written recommendations as to the provisions, terms, and conditions of the proposed bond transaction.  Included  shall be recommendations as to the best method of sale, interest payment dates, and debt service schedule.

4.   Suggest additional security provisions designed to enhance an issue’s attractiveness to investors and credit enhancement providers.

Our senior bankers have significant experience serving the public sector.  We are well versed in the intricacies of the Public Funds Investment Act, composition of underwriting teams, and the completion of all tasks necessary for a successful pricing.  We have served as Financial Advisor for several Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones and are well versed in the financial nuances of these zones, as well as those institutions located within them.